Ecommerce is a Huge Opportunity

We’ve all read the statistics – Ecommerce (commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet) continues to grow year over year. If you don’t read statistics, or if you don’t trust them, do your own mini-survey. Ask your friends, family, and people you do business with if they ever bought anything online, donated online, or paid for a service online (yes, even the utility bills!). Look around you at the store, in your office, or at your favorite restaurant and you’ll see the mobile, always connected buyer in action.

Ecommerce is an opportunity for companies and organizations to grow, improve profitability and strengthen customer and supplier relationships. The road to success in Ecommerce takes planning, perseverance, flexibility, and continuous change. You don’t have to do everything at once but you should get started and continuously work toward your long term business and Ecommerce goals.

Ecommerce is Not Just a Shopping Cart

Ecommerce is not just about putting a shopping cart on your website, it’s about adjusting your business to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to prospective buyers, current customers and even business partners. Your Ecommerce journey will involve marketing, merchandising, sales, operations, finance, accounting and human resource functions. It will also define your vendor and supplier relationships.

So before you start looking at technology, define how your business will work with the always-connected buyer.

Our Ecommerce Solutions

We have helped companies integrate Ecommerce with their businesses for over 20 years and can help your company achieve success with the following Ecommerce solutions:

  • Ecommerce Strategy and Business Modeling
  • Ecommerce Business Review
  • Platform and Technology Selection
  • Project Management Services
  • Marketplace Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization
  • Analytics – Attribution, Conversion, Share of Wallet, Retention
  • Marketing Solutions for Ecommerce Growth

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