Yes, Your Business Buyers Are Buying Online

Forrester Research projects that B2B online sales will top $1.3 trillion dollars by 2020.  Most of this growth is expected to come from “channel-shifting” – buyers moving their purchasing from offline buying to online buying.  Buying isn’t the only process moving quickly to online channels, so is supplier discovery and sourcing.  There are several trends affecting online growth for B2B sales:

B2B buyers are looking for the same experience they get as consumers – the ability to find new products online and make purchases easily.   According to a study done by Forrester Research and Internet Retailer, 74% of buyers research at least 1/2 of the products they are going to buy online before they purchase.  And 30% of them complete 1/2 of their purchases online.

B2B companies find they can reduce their cost of servicing their customers by providing them a self-service online site.  Providing self-service options also allows the B2B company to grow without adding staff.

B2B companies find they can increase their average purchase order and lifetime value of the customer, improve their gross margin, and increase customer loyalty by providing Ecommerce options to their customers.

B2B buyers are increasing their use of eProcurement systems, like Ariba and SciQuest, to manage their suppliers and provide a consistent online ordering process.

More Sales.  Lower Costs.  More Profit.


Grow Your B2B Ecommerce This Year

Take the “We can’t” out of your B2B vocabulary and find a way to take advantage of the growth in B2B Ecommerce.  Manufacturers can sell direct.  Distributors can improve the buyers’ experience or even create their own niche marketplaces.  New online sales channels can provide access to new customers.  The opportunities are endless all you need to do is get started.

We can help you get started on your Ecommerce journey or pinpoint key improvements that can increase the sales and profitability of your existing Ecommerce business.  Our approach begins with business objectives and goals.  We get to know your company before we begin discussing technology.

We can assist you with B2B specific business challenges such as channel conflict, pricing strategies, sales compensation, supplier compliancy and multi-channel selling.  Our technology experience covers business and technical requirements gathering, technology and tool vendor selection, project and vendor management, design and development, testing, deployment and measurement.

Take action to get your piece of the B2B Ecommerce growth this year.

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