You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Would you drive a car that didn’t provide you information about your current speed, the amount of gas you had left or whether there was an issue with a tire, your engine or your oil levels?  Probably not, that would be driving blind with a whole lot of risk.  Many companies today do just that with their Ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce Analytics not only provides information about the general performance of your Ecommerce site, it can also provide data about sales and customer trends, sales and marketing campaign performance, social impacts on the sales process and many, many more data points that can be used to gain important insights about your Ecommerce business.

When combined with other business data, resulting in “big data”, information derived from the data can highlight opportunities for new products, new customer segments, new geographies and even entirely new businesses.

Start Small And Scale Up

Begin using your analytics to track the most important things first:

  • What channels are driving the majority of your buying customers
  • How many of your browsing visitors are turning into buyers
  • What are your average order sizes and how does that compare to your traditional sales
  • What is the frequency of buyer purchases
  • How well are your marketing campaigns working to create sales
  • What is your online customer retention rate

From there you can extend your analysis to give you more specific answers to questions such as what products are selling the best, which products customers are looking for that you don’t currently sell,  what promotions result in the most sales, how much are your customers buying online versus offline and other important business questions.

Transform gut instinct into cold hard facts.

Once you get used to collecting and analyzing your data you’ll find many ways to increase your Ecommerce sales and profitability.

We Love Data

Some people just don’t like looking at data or don’t know how to turn that data into knowledge.   All of the work we do includes metrics and measurement. and Ecommerce systems are no exception.  We don’t believe in driving blind and we like to reduce risk wherever possible.

From dashboards to big data analysis, we can help you set up your analytics so that your data becomes the power to grow your Ecommerce business.

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