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Is your Ecommerce business achieving your stated goals and objectives?   Is your Ecommerce profitability increasing or are your margins being squeezed?  Is your Ecommerce business continuously changing or are you doing the same things you were doing last year?

Not that many years ago you could create your online store and then sit back and let the technology run knowing that it would probably be a year or so before you would need to think about upgrading or adding new features to your store.   Not anymore.  Today the eCommerce marketplace is growing quickly and changing even more rapidly.  New competitors can easily enter the market, new online marketplaces can pop up quickly, new ad formats can encourage the buyer to take a different path to purchase, including one to your competitor, and Ecommerce technology is rapidly evolving.

You want to be more successful but the roadmap to get there may be unclear.

Ecommerce Business Review

What should you be doing right now, next month, next quarter?

The Ecommerce Business Review provides the answer to that question. To get to the answer we look at the whole Ecommerce business ecosystem including:

  • Ecommerce business goals, objectives, plans and budgets
  • How Ecommerce is integrated into your overall business (processes, people, systems)
  • Techniques and tools being used for web site traffic generation, conversion, retention and multi-purchase
  • The state of customer service and relationship development
  • The online channels being used, and those that are not
  • What your top competitors and your top ‘unknown’ competitors are doing
  • How your suppliers are integrated into your Ecommerce system
  • How the voice of the customer is being used to inform your Ecommerce decisions
  • How you are using Ecommerce to create switching barriers
  • The return on investment, impact to sales, and impact to profitability of your Ecommerce efforts

The Ecommerce Business Review provides a detailed report covering:

  • The ability of your Ecommerce efforts to meet your business goals and objectives
  • What is being done well and what could be done better
  • Challenges within your Ecommerce system(s)
  • Opportunities to increase sales broken out by short term and longer term activities
  • A prioritized list of activities for short term opportunities

Don’t through mud on the wall and hope something sticks – find out what you need to do to make a difference now.

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