Ecommerce Marketplaces

Amazon, Etsy, Jet, Ebay, Rakuten, Newegg, Alibaba…… large scale marketplaces exist to provide buyers a one-stop shop for their purchasing needs.  Initially established for consumers (B2C), many marketplaces have begun to move into commercial sales to businesses (B2B).

A marketplace strategy should be a part of every companies Ecommerce strategy even if the strategy is to purposefully avoid selling on marketplaces.  Why?  Because Ecommerce marketplaces want your customers and the marketplaces have the money and the staff to work on providing an exceptional experience to those customers in order to get them and keep them.

Marketplaces and Your Business

We can help you determine the best marketplace approach for your company whether it is to:

  • Reach customers you cannot reach on your own – domestically and globally
  • Provide visibility to your brand to drive off-marketplace sales
  • Evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the marketplace to identify opportunities for your own Ecommerce efforts
  • Follow your customers to their preferred buying channel
  • Develop your own niche marketplace
  • Develop, or improve, your own Ecommerce business to reduce the impact of the marketplaces

We can also assist you in setting up your business on a marketplace and optimizing your presence to get the best return on investment.  Just like your own Ecommerce business you need to consider your merchandising, pricing, fulfillment, brand building, and customer service strategies.  We help you walk through this, considering your existing sales channels and the limitations and opportunities available with each marketplace.

The result – a new profitable sales channel to keep your existing customers and gain new ones.

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