Ecommerce Is Business

Ecommerce projects should always be considered a business project not a technology project.  Why?  Because your ECommerce business requires all of the functions of your traditional business – sales, marketing, operations, customer service and support, finance and accounting, technology, and human resources.  It also touches your business partners, particularly your suppliers and existing customers.

This isn’t to say that the technology team is not important.  In fact, the project cannot succeed without a strong technology team involved.  However, much of an ECommerce project involves business decisions which must be made before the technology team can begin and/or complete their work.

If your company is worried about cost overruns, delayed projects, projects delivered with missing capabilities,  internal company conflicts, and supplier and customer service impacts, then consider that one of the top 5 reasons an Ecommerce project fails is because of poor Ecommerce project management.

Key Characteristics of an Ecommerce Project Manager

Many times companies feel they can use an internal employee to manage the project but run into issues with the chosen project manager because the project manager has:

  • Limited or no background running large projects or managing cross functional teams
  • Limited knowledge of how Ecommerce affects business functions
  • Limited knowledge of Ecommerce technology
  • Limited time to run the project due to the project managers other ‘normal’ duties
  • Limited authority to push through project roadblocks
  • No experience handling project conflicts

Ecommerce project leaders should be able to lead business teams, in house technology teams and outside technology vendors in a concerted effort to smoothly deliver the Ecommerce project on time, on budget and with all the agreed upon capabilities.    The project manager should also be as comfortable talking with the executive team about strategic business decisions as they are discussing tactical business requirements with functional heads and technology issues with the technology team.

WSI Ecommerce Project Managers

Our project managers have managed very small projects to multi-million dollar projects, successfully completing projects on time, on budget, and with the agreed upon capabilities.  We know how to manage your Ecommerce project so the first working day of your new Ecommerce solution is the first day of your Ecommerce growth.

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