Google Your Way to Ecommerce Technology

Google ‘the best Ecommerce solution’ and see what you get – Ecommerce vendors promoting their solution, publications like CIO and Forbes giving you a few hints about things you should consider, and of course the Top 5 and Top 10 lists from ‘independent’ reviewers.

Google, and other search engines, are doing the best they can to provide you a variety of information to use to find an Ecommerce solution for your business.  But what do the search engines, or the independent reviewers,  really know about your business and how the business is going to use Ecommerce?  Nothing.  So they can only give you generic results for your generic query.  Generic results do not give you the best Ecommerce solution for your company.

So if you can’t use Google, or any search engine, to provide you the answer for the best Ecommerce solution what should you do?

The Ecommerce Requirements Document

Sit down and define the best Ecommerce solution for your company by creating a detailed Ecommerce Requirements Document.  After all, no one knows your business better than you do, and determining the best Ecommerce solution will require you to identify the requirements of the solution across all areas of your business – sales, marketing, operations, finance, IT and even human resources.

Does this sound like too much work?  Do you already have an Ecommerce site and you think you already know what you want the Ecommerce solution to do?  Are you in a hurry and just want to get the new Ecommerce site up and running?

Slow down.  Investing in an Ecommerce solution just because your competitor uses it or it was #1 on the Top 5 list does not mean it will work for you.  We’ve met with many companies who did just this and found they could not use the ‘best Ecommerce system’ because it could not do what THEY needed.

Once you have your list of requirements you can begin looking for solutions that can fit your needs.  Start with a broad list of potential solutions and narrow those down to your own Top 5 list.  Then begin in depth conversations, using your list of requirements, to find your best solution.

Need Help?

Our Ecommerce experts work with your business and IT staff to develop a detailed list of business and technology requirements that can be used to evaluate the Ecommerce technologies available, and to select the best solution(s) for your particular Ecommerce business needs.

Our experts can also help you through the process of matching the best technology to your requirements, all the way from the initial list of technology vendors to consider, through the signing of contracts, making sure that your company’s interests are always covered.

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