Systems, Hosting, Networking, Integration, Security – Oh My!

Developing an Ecommerce website involves Ecommerce systems and tools, hosting, networks, integration to other systems, and most importantly security.  Putting together an Ecommerce website is much like building an old-fashioned clock – lots of components that all need to work seamlessly together.  Unlike an old clock, though, an Ecommerce website’s components must be flexible so they can be removed, added, or upgraded.

Ecommerce website development is challenging.  Even with many of the cloud based systems like BigCommerce and Shopify there still needs to be system configurations to handle pricing rules, product configuration rules, shipping rules and a host of other business rules.  Custom code may be needed to get the Ecommerce system to do what you want it to do.  Secure data transmission to CRM, ERP, eProcurement and payment systems may be needed and the content management system must be easy enough for business users to maintain business information without IT assistance.

We Handle the Hard Stuff

For companies that don’t have an IT staff, we can handle the full development and deployment of your Ecommerce storefront.  For companies that have an IT staff but need extra hands to build the Ecommerce site we can provide resources to help meet project deadlines or fill in knowledge gaps including training for the existing IT staff.

We have experience on many different Ecommerce platforms from WordPress/WooCommerce to IBM Websphere as well as the experience integrating to 3rd party systems for functions such as taxation, payments, and fulfillment.

We tame the technology beast to ensure your Ecommerce development project runs smoothly.

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